We run our courses for groups of 8-10 (or more) at a customer designated location, usually at a reduced cost compared to attendance at public courses.  When a course is delivered at or near customer’s location, no time is lost travelling to and from a public training venue and no travel expense is incurred.  For the customer located at a distance from our major city training venues, accommodation and meals expenses are avoided.

The customer provides the venue, equipment (data projector, whiteboard, flipchart and easel) and choice of catering.  Promendo provides the instructor, a notebook computer for course presentation, course materials (workbooks, CDs, handout materials for activities) and Certificates of Achievement.

Contact us to request further information, or call the Training Manager on 1300 654 676, and we will attend promptly to your requirements.

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We have recently launched our new 3v1 concept which works on the basis that any organisation that wishes to send three (3) attendees we will offer to run the course in-house for the equivalent cost of three (3) full paying participants and for a limited time only, a fourth (4th) participant can attend free of charge.

This has some obvious advantages in that you now only need a minimum of 3 people to be able to host an in-house course. Furthermore, being an in-house course we are able to focus more on your business environment and tailor the delivery to be more in tune with your specific business. We can thus spend more time mentoring your staff and the smaller groups allow for broader discussions to occur. Participants can also talk freely and discuss their projects without fear of giving away intellectual property or discussing commercial in confidence details.

The other advantage is that you get to choose the timing and place of the course. An in-house course is an effective way to kick-off a new initiative as it provides valuable knowledge and is a great team building exercise. An in-house course is also an effective way to up skill new project resources including subject matter experts.

We have developed a discounting model based on the number of attendees, so whilst 3 attendees will guarantee you an in-house course, 4 or more attendees will qualify you for substantial discounts.

3V1 - increasing competency right where it's needed - in the workplace!

If you are interested in discussing our in-house training delivery in more detail or want to know how we can tailor an education program to suit your business unit, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 654 676 or

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  • Receive a consultation prior to delivery to ensure a focus that is specific to the customer’s business and to identify any special needs, including project needs. Only the focus or emphasis of the presentation will be modified, not the course materials.
  • The full attention of the instructor is focused on the customer’s priorities, challenges and particular business environment..
  • Enjoy the synergistic effect of employees learning and practicing skills together, using examples familiar to all and sharing their business knowledge.

Tailoring of course content and materials and development of new material to meet particular customer requirements are quoted on an individual case basis.  Some of the customisation options are:

  • expand a course by extending the activities and/or adding activities
  • expand a course by adding new modules or topics and related activities
  • replace modules or selected materials with customer specific content
  • combine selected compatible modules from 2 or more courses
  • condense a course into fewer days by omitting modules or specific topics
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