A 2 day course designed to build the skills and confidence needed to apply modern project management techniques to business transformation, IT solution delivery or any project.

Fundamentals of Project Management Course Fact Sheet (pdf)  


Anyone with responsibility for delivering a special outcome to an organisation will learn the skills needed for facing new or unknown challenges in delivering those outcomes - on budget and on time. This course will help develop general, practical knowledge of a practice that is essential for successful business change today. An understanding of the principles and mechanics of managing projects is as relevant for stakeholders and members of project teams as it is for those who are responsible for managing teams.

The course assumes no previous experience. It will prove invaluable to managers, business analysts and other personnel involved with projects of all kinds.


Upon completing this course, attendees will:

  • Understand how Project Management principles are applied and can increase the effectiveness of their organisations.
  • Be able to take a practical approach to deciding how a Project Management body-of-knowledge applies to different types of projects.
  • Be able to outline the most important tasks for each phase of the Project Lifecycle.
  • Understand proven approaches to planning, tracking, and taking action on a project’s risk, cost, schedule and related issues.
  • Understand the importance of Quality in project planning and how to use a range of strategies to achieve quality outcomes.
  • Be able to demonstrate improved communication and feedback skills to manage outcomes.
  • Understand why non-heroic leadership is essential and how it can be developed.

Public courses are run in Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and in New Zealand in Auckland and Wellington. Find a scheduled public course on our Calendar.

Courses can be run in other locations according to demand.


Course fees include course materials, lunch and refreshments.


Course material and activities are organised into the following modules:

Introduction to Project Management   Project Planning

Learn about practices that are considered standard in Project Management, and how to make them work for you on a project.


Learn how to developing a solid project plan as the foundation of a well-managed project. Then participate in a series of team activities to perform the detail tasks required when planning a project.

The Role of the Project Manager   Project Execution

Find out exactly what is expected of best-practice Project Managers and understand the working relationships that are essential. Learn why projects unfold the way they do, and explore the practical, reliable ways to influence and control outcomes.


Learn how to acquire resources and develop an effective team. Become familiar with approaches and techniques for capturing project status. Both manual and automated tools and techniques are presented and explained.

The Project Lifecycle


Controlling and Reporting

See how today’s best-practice Project Management is built on years of real world project experience and why a lifecycle approach is fundamental to success.


Continuing with team activities, try your hand at tracking progress. Learn about ways to handle the impact of changes – internal and external – on project scope and schedules.

Project Initiation


 Tools of the Trade

Learn about the importance of the Project Charter and establishing scope and business value prior to beginning work on a project. Try presenting and justifying a project proposal through a guided activity.


Review the tools, templates and techniques employed during the course (provided as an Appendix in the course materials). Conclude with a demonstration of the popular software tool MS Project.

We also run customised and in-house courses for specific project needs - see our In-house Training.

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