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Since 1990, Promendo has been providing guidance and leadership in Enterprise Architecture and Business Engineering through consulting assignments, project engagements, and seminars in Australasia, the UK and the USA.

Promendo has pioneered the definition of Business Objects through its founding and co-chairing of the Business Objects Special Interest Group on behalf of the Object Management Group (a consortium of 850 International Companies).

Our clients are involved in Industries including Manufacturing, Finance, Transport, Technology and Utilities as well as Federal, State and Local Government.


Clorox is a $5B manufacturer of consumer household products and is one of the most competitive and successful brand managers in the industry.

To support new business processes being designed by brand managers, sales and manufacturing, members of Open Engineering's team collaborated with the client's IT staff to architect the company's first data warehouse that fed multiple business-areas-specific data marts.

Open Engineering applied our unique Object-Oriented Business Engineering method to capture business knowledge about product, customer and order data. A technical team from Open Engineering specified an advanced technical infrastructure based on CORBA and component-software frameworks.

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As part of General Motors program to reduce time-to-market for new car models by 66%, this client engaged two teams from Open Engineering and two of our global systems integration partners to deliver technical architecture, business architecture and new-generation applications.

Open Engineering's technical architecture team defined and designed a CORBA-based infrastructure for enterprise application integration. Open Engineering's business architecture team developed business models for key business processes in new product development and product change management.


Faced with increasing global competition, shrinking time-to-market for new financial products, stovepipe business systems that reflected insular business organizations and product lines, and inflexible information technologies, Flemings Bank engaged Open Engineering to address business architecture, technical architecture and the methods and tools used for application development.

This client engaged Open Engineering to support the staff team responsible for technical architecture and methods, and to train and mentor business modelers who were conducting the company's process redesign.

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Qld Transport, a Qld Government department was looking to implement middleware, and engaged Open Engineering to provide a business focus on the implementation through piloting business process implementations linked to Business Strategy.

Open Engineering took a technically-focused pilot and gave it Business relevance that was highlighted to executive management in both the department and across a broader government forum.

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The Brisbane City Council is Australia's largest local Council and a leader in Customer Service engaged Open Engineering to assist in defining an Enterprise Architecture to direct inhouse development of key Service Delivery systems.

Open Engineering defined a Business Architecture and provided direction on organising around the implementation of eGovernment Strategies with a focus on end to end processes.

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