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We live in the age of information, and information is power! In the business enterprise, it is imperative that everyone has the information they need in order to accurately and effectively fulfill their business obligations. In the past, only Executives were privy to the type of reports and information that could help them understand how the business was performing against plan and objectives. They used this information to plan for the future and to make decisions about products, pricing, competition, markets, financials, budgets and many other business factors. The need for better decision-making is driving businesses to incorporate Business Intelligence into day-to-day work practices.

Results from a recently released survey reveals that businesses view “getting better insights out of the data they already have” as one of their top technology challenges. Business Intelligence can solve this problem by providing a framework and tools to measure and manage business goals and conduct “what-if” scenarios to evaluate different courses of action.

Making the right decision requires the right information. Promendo has the business knowledge and technical skills to consolidate data from multiple sources to provide meaningful analysis and in turn link processes for performance management using leading business intelligence and executive information software.

We enable your strategies to be turned into meaningful plans including budgets, balanced scorecards, activity costing and effective information dashboards. Strategies can be executed, actively managed and improved performance achieved.

From the technical skills of database creation, cleanup or analysis to the softer skills of ensuring the tools will work for your team we can address your needs with business focused outcomes.

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