Achieve superior business performance

From basic process analysis and improvement through to complex workflow and business process software implementation we offer experience and knowledge on the best ways to get more effective processes.

Effective and efficient processes have always been important in achieving success, but other needs are now driving increased focus including risk, quality and regulatory compliance.

We strip away the mystique that surrounds the issue of process and deliver outcomes of fundamental value.  We have experience with all the major techniques (including Six-Sigma, ITIL, BPR, Continuous Improvement, Best Value and TQM), but for us the process of improvement has to start on the basics to deliver real gains.

Focused on the technique?

The view that the basics matter was confirmed in a recently published study in the Harvard Business Review. This major research project investigated 160 companies over a 10 year period and reported no direct casual relationship between over 200 management tools and techniques used and superior business performance. What the did find was a focus on the fundamentals of good process improvement made the difference. We can show how to achieve effective real gains from process improvement whatever  technique or standard you seek to use.

We offer a comprehensive service capability, whatever your driver. From capture, re-design, improvement, tools, maintenance or implementation of new processes.

Not convinced, or need material to advance the process case - click here for our white paper on 'Why Process Matters'.

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