Agility doesn't happen through chance

We believe that enterprises can be 'engineered' to improve their performance Business Engineering is the function of defining and understanding the goals, critical success factors and the environment that the organisation currently operates within and then challenges the way processes are performed. Business Engineering provides the mechanism to intergrate process improvement into your business and achieve a closer alignment with your information systems. Better processes can be developed to drive increased profitability, cost reduction, improved service standards and efficiency gains.

In addition to this strategic ability through business engineering we offer strong capabilities on a tactical level for clients. From basic process analysis and improvement through to complex workflow and business process software implementation we offer experience and knowledge on the best ways to get more effective processes.We strip away the mystique that surrounds the issue of process and deliver outcomes of fundamental value. We have capability and knowledge of all the major techniques but for us the process of improvement has to focus on the basics to deliver real gains.

Promendo is tool agnostic and will use whatever client requested software is appropriate to complete the task and deliver the desired solution. We have recommended and used a wide variety of different modelling tools.

Whether it is cost savings, efficiency, customer service, new services or products we offer a comprehensive capability to address your needs.

Our flexibility and strengths enable us to add value to more specific approaches to process issues such as Continuous Process Improvement, Six Sigma, Business Process Management and Business Process Re-engineering. 

Download our Business Engineering Practice PDF.

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