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Enterprise Architecture is the top-down, strategy-driven, integrating framework that brings together and manages the business model, the business applications and technology.  Its primary goal is to facilitate business improvement and deliver business-aligned information systems in a vendor-neutral environment.  Enterprise Architecture provides a common view for cross-functional communication and decision-making, all within the enterprise context.

We offer an innovative and leading edge approach to architecture, methodology and organisational transition. This practice delivers a disciplined but practical approach that focuses on sound business outcomes.

Our Object Oriented Business Engineering (OOBE®) framework offers enterprises the ability to align the needs of the business with effective systems and processes. OOBE achieves a sound roadmap for change in enterprises. It provides clarity and direction to enterprises in implementing their strategies. Further information on the methodology is available on request.

We offer a comprehensive framework to address your needs, from short assessment services to evaluate overall issues, to complete enterprise architecture strategies.

Services include:

Enterprise Architecture 'Maturity Assessment'

This is a focused assessment applying Enterprise Architecture methodology to confirm where your enterprise stands. Our expert Consultants will then work with you to complete a comprehensive understanding of issues and opportunities.

Enterprise Architecture 'Launch Pad'

Setting up and initiating the actions required to get your enterprise working to best practice.

Enterprise Architecture Training and Mentoring

A comprehensive approach to your needs whatever the size of your business or the complexity of your issues. Check out our training capabillity - Enterprise Architecture training. Click here 

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