We believe businesses can be engineered to perform better

Since 1990, Promendo has developed a unique Business Engineering methodology that applies key architecture, engineering and object-oriented design concepts to the transformation of enterprises, enabling them to deliver improvement, embrace challenge and encourage growth while synchronising Information Systems with the business model they should be supporting. 

OOBE® is a framework for architecture, business engineering, business process management and object-oriented development. OOBE® provides the framework that businesses use to articulate and communicate business process improvements, business definitions and rules.  It provides the crucial link missing from traditional approaches to business process engineering and systems development: a clear path from business concepts to reusable information systems components.

The major difference OOBE® provides over traditional Object Oriented Analysis and Design approaches is its heavy foundation in business modelling and engineering and the strong link through each viewpoint, from strategy through to the implementation of software: coined as Concept to Code.


OOBE® encompasses three core elements: Framework, Process and Business Patterns.

Our OOBE® Approach enables enterprises to:

  • Establish a common language between the business and the IT function to drive alignment;
  • Define, engineer and integrate their business processes into an open, adaptable and agile enterprise;
  • Improve, integrate and re-invent business processes across the enterprise;
  • Rapidly design & implement business solutions in response to new market opportunities;
  • Cut solution delivery time and development costs by allowing re-use of information and business concepts;
  • Leverage the power of an enterprise view of information assets by removing the barriers which cause incompatible data stores to flourish;
  • Capture & share essential organisational knowledge that is otherwise being lost.

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