Strategic Alignment captures corporate strategy, baselines, scope, business strategy, and possibly application and technology strategy. Strategic Alignment enables a business to see where its processes fit into the overall business strategy.

Strategic Alignment begins shifting the perspective of business information technology so that it is aligned with and can readily evolve to meet changing business needs.

Clients would undertake a Strategic Alignment project to:

  • audit an existing information technology effort
  • minimize or mitigate the risk inherent in a particularly complex or expensive efforts
  • take a trial step towards synchronisation and to help determine the level of effort required
  • provide a business focus for an existing project
  • improve or modify business processes
  • assist IT organisation in selling their solution to the business

A Strategic Alignment project will:

  • define the project scope - establish a boundary of the project so that involved parties agree on what the project achieve
  • clarify what goals/problems/barriers a business/IT synchronisation effort might address
  • identify areas where business information technology is not fully aligned with the goals/needs of the business
  • locate the customer's problem areas on a set of industry-wide business patterns and align these patterns to the business strategy
  • establish a baseline for business/IT synchronisation and a starting point for giving business the tools to profit from change
  • identify risks, measures, objectives and estimates for a business/IT synchronisation effort (measures = Key Performance Indicators (KPI's))

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